Can Your Stove Do This?

OK, we admit it. From the outside, the Spire and Spire LX look like typical camp stoves; but what makes them unique - is on the inside. Let’s take a deeper look at Eureka! camp cooking. 

  • Easy Ignition
  • Rugged Design
  • Easy Clean Up
  • Built-in Wind Protection
  • And more...


Eureka! and Jetboil are ‘sister brands’, both part of the Johnson Outdoors family of brands. Jetboil pioneered the lightweight, rapid boil cooking system first introduced to backpackers in 2001. Since then, there’s been a lot of innovation put into Jetboil systems - and those same engineers developed the innovations inside our stoves.


Ever notice how most camp stoves burn pancakes and stews if you’re not very careful? That’s because they say they have simmer control, but in reality, the amount of control their valve provides is very small. Turn the dial that controls the flame - in most cases you’ll get about a 1/4 of a turn to go from open to full power. Now turn the dial on the Spire LX - you’ll get 4 turns of the dial to go from open to full bore - and over those 4 turns - comes all the incremental, precise flame control you need to cook food perfectly. Simmer sauces gently on low, or turn it up for a fast boil. Only our valve will fully harness the power of a high output burner!


Built into the side of the Spire and Spire LX, this patent-pending port allows you to expand your camp kitchen and power it from a single source. Daisy link Spire stoves together and create a 4, 6 or 8 burner stove like you have at home. (Don’t forget your 20 lb. tank hose!) Or, link a Spire stove to a Luna satellite burner; now, you have rapid boil capability for a drink, while food is cooking on the stove - you never have to give up a burner!


Our burners are spaced so you can use 8” & 10” (Spire) or 10” & 12” (Spire LX) pots side-by-side. The Spire LX has a removable lid, which is handy if you have a really big pot! Each Spire high-output burner delivers 10,000 BTUs of cooking power to meet all the needs of campsite cooking.