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Some people visit Teton Valley in Idaho to be pampered at a spa facility on 'the quiet side of the Tetons.' They sleep in, surrounded by pillows in a cozy bed, and later enjoy hot air balloon rides

With so many beautiful places to hike in North America, it's very difficult to narrow the list down to just three. Keeping in mind the broad diversity of the landscape in North America, this post

I was in high school and a friend and I decided to go fishing for the weekend. We packed up his old canvas tent and headed off for a weekend of rain, wet and being just plain miserable. I came back

The Aurora Borealis is a mystical phenomenon that tops bucket lists around the world. Known in Roman myths as the “dawn of the north,” these stunning light displays have captivated people for

With car camping, you can reap the same benefits of getting away from it all with a fraction of the hassle, with your vehicle serving as a mobile home base of sorts, cutting down on the stresses

Kruger National Park is one of the largest game reserves in Africa, weighing in at almost 7,600 square miles. Areas of the park were first protected as far back as 1898 by the South African Republic