Eureka! Camping Customer Service


  • I have lost the set up instructions to my tent. Can I get new ones?

    Yes! Visit our Product Manuals page to download set-up instructions for your tent. If you don't see what you need just call our Customer Satisfaction department with the tent model name, and we'll send you a photocopy of your original instructions.

  • Where can I find the model name on my tent?

    Each tent has a 2" x 4" white tag inside the tent door beneath the zipper stating which model it is. You can also find the model name on a small white tag by running your fingers along the edge of the rain fly.

  • Do you have a repair center?

    Yes, we can repair the fabric and zipper portion of your tent for a charge. Occasionally products are deemed “non repairable”. We can not repair fabrics that are sticky, odorous or damaged by ultra violet rays. If the cost of repair exceeds the value of the product we will not repair it. Please contact Customer Service at 800-572-8822 for a Return Authorization number before returning your products. No shipment will be accepted unless our Return Authorization number is attached to the parcel.

  • What exactly is covered under your warranty?

    For warranty information, please visit our Warranty Page.

  • Can I get replacement parts?

    Yes, we offer a large selection of replacement parts for many of our tents. Please note that Eureka! manufactures many different products and though we would like to carry parts for every model manufactured, doing so is not possible. Parts are available via phone only. Please contact Customer Service at 800-572-8822 for availability and price. Please have the specific model name of your product before calling. This information can be found on a white inside the tent body or on small tag stitched to the edge of the rain fly. This tag is very small and you may need to trace your hand around the edge of the entire fly before locating it. View Repair Kits & Poles on our website.

  • I am a scout leader and I am interested in purchasing tents for my troops from your company. Can I order direct and obtain special pricing?

    We encourage you to support the BSA Supply Division, but you may also order directly. If you wish to be considered for a discount, please contact for additional information.