November 30, 2017

Holiday Gift Guide for Kids & Scouts

Struggling to come up with the perfect gift for your little adventurer this holiday season? Is that old hand-me-down sleeping bag starting to wear out? Want to inspire your kids to experience the outdoors as you did when you were a kid? We've put together a handy gift guide to get your little ones outside and living a life of adventure. Happy Campers = Happy Parents. 

Sleeping Bags

Lady Bug 30° + Grasshopper 30° Children's Sleeping Bags

Lady Bug 30 Grasshopper 30 Sleeping Bags

These child-sized mummy bags are made out of the same materials and quality as its larger, adult version but with fun kid-friendly colors and design. Rated for comfort down to 30°F, these bags are perfect for camping adventures from spring through fall in most climates, and are perfect for sleepovers, scout trips, and car camping for kids up to 5' tall. And at just $39.95, they won't break the bank this holiday season. Shop Now

Cypress 15° + Azalea 15° Children's Sleeping Bags

Cypress Azalea Kids Sleeping Bags

Perfect for the adventurous tweens in your life, the Cypress and Azalea 15° Sleeping Bags are exceptionally comfortable and thermally efficient. That translates to better nights at camp, no matter where their tent is pitched. Shop Now


Timberline 2 Person Tent

Timberline Kids Camping Tent

Our legendary A-Frame Timberline tents have been sheltering scouts since your parents were kids. The double-wall construction and aluminum frame stand the test of time, keeping occupants dry, warm, and protected from the elements for years to come. Often imitated, never duplicated. Shop Now

Amari Pass Solo 1 Person Tent

Amari Pass Solo Teen Backpacking Tent

Perfect for the budding backpacker in your clan, the Amari Pass Solo is the ideal shelter for a young teen embarking on Outward Bound, NOLS, or just on their first camping trip outside of "the kids tent." Lightweight, durable construction, fast and easy setup, and a large gear vestibule make this solo tent an amazing deal. Shop Now


Magic 125 LED Lantern

Magic Lantern for Kids Camping

Just like the old candle lanterns your parents gave you, except a lot safer. This lantern puts off 125 lumens of area lighting, or rotate the side knob and direct light forward for use as a flashlight. Perfect for tent card games, ghost stories, or midnight snacks. Shop Now

Wicked-Stick Pillow

Eureka Wicked Stick Camping Pillow

No more cranky mornings at camp. Give your campers a full night of comfortable rest with the Wicked-Stick Pillow, featuring an ergonomic concave design. Eureka! Super Stretch Stealth Grip fabric means it stays in place all night, even for the most restless sleepers. Shop Now